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Welcome to the podcast Work at LiU – a podcast that will give you information and inspiration on living and working in Sweden and Linköping University.

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Episode 18 – Fika like a Swede

Wednesday Feb 02, 2022

Wednesday Feb 02, 2022

One of the first Swedish words you might learn when you start working in Sweden is the word FIKA. Fika basically means having a cup of coffee, but it’s so much more than that! Therese Lindkvist explains why the Swedish fika, especially at the workplace, is so important.
Guest: Therese Lindkvist, International Coordinator LiU
Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator, LiU
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell 

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

Thomas Keating has worked in different countries, but is now a Postdoc at LiU. What he knew about Sweden before he moved here? What he found out on Youtube! Listen to why he chose Sweden and his best tips when moving here.
Guest: Thomas Keating, Department of Thematic Studies
Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator, LiU
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell 

Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Isabel García Velázquez, a PhD Student at LiU moved from the sun in Mexico to the winter in Sweden. Although Sweden can be dark and cold, she has a very positive attitude towards it. In this episode Isabel shares her secret to how to deal with wintertime. 
Guest: Isabel García Velázquez, PhD Student, Department of Thematic Studies Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator, LiU Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell 

Tuesday Nov 09, 2021

What is EUREAXESS and how can one benefit from it? Therese Lindkvist, from the International Office at LiU will tell you all about it in this episode!
Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator, LiU
Guest: Therese Lindkvist, International Coordinator LiU

Wednesday May 26, 2021

If you are newly employed international staff at LiU and on your way over to Sweden, then pay attention to what is said in this episode! Therese Lindkvist, International Staff Support at LiU gives her top tips on what to check off as a new employee. For more information please visit:
Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator
Guest: Therese Lindkvist, International Coordinator
Editing: Per Wistbo-Nibell

Wednesday Apr 07, 2021

Linköping University tries to position itself as a young dynamic interdisciplinary place that puts a lot of value on non-traditional thinking”. That was one the reasons Harald Wiltsche, professor, chose LiU. In this episode he  shares his thoughts on his journey to Sweden and Linköping University.
Guest: Harald Wiltsche, Professor/Director of P.I. “Intentionality and Symbolic Construction”, Department of Culture and Society (IKOS)
Host: Priya Eklund, International Office
Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Thursday Jan 21, 2021

International employees often notice that some things are different at Swedish workplaces compared to what they are used to. What it might be? Johanna Gistvik from the International Office will tell you in this episode!
Guest: Johanna Gistvik, International Office
Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator
Recording and Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Thursday Dec 03, 2020

In the year’s last episode of Work at LiU, Therese Lindkvist talks about Swedish feasts and traditions. Everything from how Swedes celebrate Christmas to easter eggs and crayfish parties is covered in this episode.Guest: Therese Lindkvist International Staff Support, International OfficeHost: Priya Eklund, International CoordinatorRecording and editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Episode 10 – Housing!

Monday Nov 09, 2020

Monday Nov 09, 2020

A big issue you might come across when moving to Sweden is finding a place to live. Is it easy? How much does it cost? What are my options? Therese Lindkvist from the International Office will talk about this in this episode of Work at LiU.
Guest: Therese Lindkvist International Staff Support, International Office
Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator
Recording and editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Thursday Oct 08, 2020

Coming to Sweden as a student is one thing – how is it to work here? Naveen and Abhishek took it one step further, they started their own company. In this episode the founders of the company Worldish talk about how they prepared for their arrival, what surprised them the most and what obstacles they met on the journey to start a company in Sweden.
Guests: Naveen Sasidharan and Abhishek Jacob Chethikatt, WorldishHost: Priya Eklund, International CoordinatorRecording and editing: Per Wistbo Nibell


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